New management trio for the BUILDING division


f.l.: Marc Nickel, Alexander Reiswich and Thomas Lütje are the new management trio at Stadur's BUILDING division.

Marc Nickel has been with Stadur for four years and is now responsible for the German market as Sales Manager Construction. With the newly created production and storage facilities, the three-tier sales channel is to be consolidated and further expanded in a very targeted manner.

Alexander Reiswich will be responsible for the further development of the substructure profiles and frame extensions in addition to his activities as Sales Manager Eastern Europe and Product Manager FrameTec and ProfileTec. With a competent team at his side and newly created structures within the Stadur group of companies, this promising market is to be further developed in a customer-oriented manner. Alexander Reiswich has worked for Stadur for 24 years.

Thomas Lütje has been working for Stadur in various management positions for almost 27 years. Over the past years, he and his permanently employed colleagues have developed the French market into Stadur's largest export market. In his new function as overall head of the construction department, his main task is to merge the existing structures and optimize the newly created ones.

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