BaseTec angle construction element

Cladding done the easy way


This product is very suitable due to its extraordinary versatility. BaseTec angles of all leg lengths and boxes can be made with standard milling. With additional milling the BaseTec angle can be made into a wide range of shapes even up to rounded off claddings.


Easy and safe to process, individually adaptable, low weight, watertight, high thermal insulation, extremely high load capacity, suitable for the construction of individual extension structures, angle is delivered in a glued condition of about 90°. Also available in a U-shape.

Examples of use

New buildings, renovation, cladding of pipe and wall boxes, joists, bath renovation, public tenders (e.g. hospitals & nursing homes, kindergartens), renovation works of all kinds, dry construction, loft conversions, insulation, partition walls, privacy screens, facing walls, creative wall forms, landings, claddings