Basic Board floor-level shower element

Unlimited in shape and tile


Unlimited in shape and tile. The Basic Board shower tray substrate element in many versions enables the fast and easy installation of floor-level shower areas. Low construction height, even gradient of approx. 2-3 % to the floor drain and immediate availability for tiling with ceramic or alternative floor coverings, allows fast and trouble-free assembly without thresholds and edges. Custom-made products up to a size of 2500 x 1500 mm provide limitless creative space for individual planning. A fire protection insert is available for public buildings. Various grating designs round off the look of the element. Eccentric and height-adjustable designs give you creative freedom. The extra-flat ‘old building renovation’ version makes the Basic Board series a real all-rounder!


Guaranteed watertight, suitable for all tile formats, suitable for wheelchair use from a tile size of 5 x 5 cm, 100% dimensional accuracy, low dead weight, high stability, thermally insulating, 100% watertight, including 5-year warranty 2-sided wall joint + edge insulation strips practical experience, safe standing thanks to integrated slope, low construction height

Examples of use

New buildings, renovation, bath renovation, public tenders (e.g. hospitals & nursing homes, kindergartens), hotel, wellness, spa