HighTec Board floor-level shower element with ceramic surface

Complete shower tray with ceramic covering


The superior-quality, skin-friendly ceramic surfaces have the excellent scratch resistance MOHS hardness 8. This is only exceeded by the hardness of a diamond. In addition the surface is resistant to aggressive liquids of all kinds. With four standard colours and 12 further colours, the exclusive surfaces offer individual creative space. A uniform image is achieved thanks to the factory-revised cover in the same ceramic design. You can set accents in your bathroom by the combination of large-size wall elements and floor coverings in the same look.


Precisely predetermined slope, barrier-free and suitable for wheelchair use, skin-friendly surface with MOHS hardness 8, resistant to aggressive liquids, 100& watertight, production in almost any desired size possible, choice between point and channel drainage

Examples of use

New building, renovation, bath renovation, hotels, wellness, sauna, spa